project: Dingbat font
client: Self-initiated
Headstyles is a dingbat font made out of illustrations I specifically developed for a design-writing project on style politics at CalArts.
The head and hairstyle illustrations are visual interpretations of various aspects of style politics. In the tangle of visual codes the individual styling decides on both inclusion and exclusion to social groups. The semantic experimental field of self expression is defined by keywords such as subversion, conformity, rebellion, affirmation, appropriation, eclecticism, branding, styling, fashion, tradition, norms, conventions, stereotypes, control, censorship etc.
»As part of our mode of appearances in the everyday world, the ways we shape and style hair may be seen both individual expressions of the self and as embodiments of society’s norms, conventions and expectations.« [Kobena Mercer]
»Only a fool does not judge by appearances!« [Oscar Wilde]
The font comprises 52 illustrations.